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conda-forge / packages / jupyter_nbextensions_configurator 0.4.1 6 A server extension for jupyter notebook providing configuration interfaces for notebook extensions (nbextensions). Sep 24, 2009 · run this in a Notebook cell: %config IPCompleter.greedy=True. Then press tab where you want to do autocomplete. So you may require to use intellisense or autocomplete feature of Jupyter notebook while programming in pandas, python and similar libraries. I found a good explanation here. TAB completion does not work in Jupyter Notebook but fine in , My problem was in that I try to call autocomplete and import in the same cell. Because of imported thing ... For this, we need to type the function name. The opening bracket of function and type shift + TAB. Jupyter Notebook Autocomplete and IntelliSense. In the above image, we are able to see the...