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MOUNTAIN DULCIMERS For Rizzetta mountain dulcimers currently available, scroll down to the FOR SALE section. I've done a lot of experiments on amplifying dulcimers with pickups and microphones, including building my own pickups. Here is a compilation of useful information and recommendations. 117, High Country Dulcimer with Stand and Case: Built by Mac McKinney in Boone NC. Hammered Dulcimer with Cushioned Case with African Mahogany Sound Board and Baltic Birch Back. Buyers are reminded that items are sold "AS IS" . For a detailed condition report call 757 722-9210. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS. Sep 03, 2013 · Criteria for Purchasing a Mountain Dulcimer . by Steve Eulberg. We are fortunate to live in the midst of a sustained dulcimer revival! I used to host a list of builders across the North American Continent on my www.owlmountainmusic.com website. John Sackenheim had begun compiling that in the late 1990s. The list grew so large and had so many ...