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Oct 24, 2020 · When the recipients click on any of the three links in the body of the email, it takes them to a phishing page, and asks them to enter their email and password, researchers at security platform... Sending HTML Email. The next step is to examine how to send HTML email. However, some mail clients cannot understand HTML emails. Therefore it is best to send any HTML email using a multipart construction, where one part contains a plain-text version of the email and the other part is HTML. Some phishing attempts involve criminals sending out infected files in emails in order to take control of a victim's computer. Share or comment on this article: Are YOU too smart to fall for an online scam? Google quiz tests if users can spot phishing emails. e-mail.Most phishing attacks on the healthcare industry are deployed by email – although attacks via social media and malvertising are also known to have occurred. The communications generally look authentic, and instruct employees to follow a link to a web page – where they will be asked complete some action that will trigger a malware download ...